Rising Sun Film Quotes

Sean Connery as Captain John Connor in Rising Sun (1993)

John Connor: The Japanese have a saying, “Fix the problem, not the blame.” Find out what’s fucked up and fix it. Nobody gets blamed. We’re always after who fucked up. Their way is better.

Web Smith: We’re the good guys. Why are we running?
John Connor: We’re not running. We’re eluding.

John Connor: Do you know what’s true? When something sounds too good to be true, then it’s not true.

Web Smith: Where are you from, “sempai”? Scotland Yard?
John Connor: Scotland Backyard.

John Connor: We’re playing that most American of games.
Web Smith: Which is what?
John Connor: Catch-up.

Jeff: You should know, I’m a black belt.
John Connor: But of course you are dear.

John Connor: They say if you resort to violence, then you’ve already lost.

John Connor: We may come from a fragmented MTV rap video culture, but they do not.

John Connor: Is that your theory?
Tom Graham: My theory? My theory is that these guys are known world class perversion freaks.

John Connor: Every aspect of your appearance and behavior will reflect on you, the Department, and me as your sempai.
Web Smith: My sempai?
John Connor: Mm.
Web Smith: That wouldn’t be massa, would it?

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Post by Chad Elkins. Source: IMDB

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