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Presidio Film Quotes

Sean Connery as Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell in The Presidio (1988)

Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell: Now, are you sure you want to have a fight? Because I’m only gonna use my thumb.
Bully in Bar: Thumb?
Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell: My right thumb. Left one’s much too powerful for you.

Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell: You’re not going out dressed like that, are you?
Donna Caldwell: Like what?
Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell: Well, you can see right through that dress. You might just as well go out without one.
Donna Caldwell: There’s a thought.

Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell: Ah, shit on a stick.

Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell: [to Julius] Now why don’t you ask him how he won the Medal of Honor?
Sgt. Major Ross Maclure: How old are you, Julius?
Julius: Eight.
Sgt. Major Ross Maclure: You want to live to be nine?
Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell: Obviously he didn’t win it for charm.

Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell: We used to joke that being in the army was not a matter of life and death. It’s more important than that.

[Lt.Col Caldwell has just beaten up the bully in the bar who had started a fight with him]
Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell: You see these little oak leaves?
[points to the silver oak leaves on his lapels]
Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell: They’re silver. That means I’m a lieutenant-colonel. If they were gold, THEN I’d be a major! Understand?
[hits the bully’s head on the bar]
Bully in Bar: [grunts & nods] Yes sir!
Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell: Now, next time you see an officer of the Army, you’ll know how to recognize his rank!
[Lt-Col. Caldwell walks out of the bar]


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Post by Chad Elkins. Source: IMDB